Revolving Loan Fund Checklist

Here are the things you will need to complete your revolving loan application:

1. Revolving Loan Fund Application

Download Application Here

2. Personal Financial Statement, SBA Form 413

Current within 60 days, signed, for all borrowers. Husband and wife may use same form.

Download Form Here

3. Personal Tax Returns

Include the past three years, signed, for all borrowers.

4. Key cost documents pertinent to the project

Including, but not limited to: real estate purchase agreement, equipment purchase agreement, buy-sell agreement, sworn construction statements, general contractor bid and scope of work.

5. Corporate Tax Returns

Include the past three years for operating company.

6. Current Balance Sheet

Please include Current Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statement, within 90 days, for operating company.

7. Business Plan and Projections

For the first 2 years of operation (if new business) and opening balance sheet.

8. Deposit Agreement Form

For Michigan City Revolving Loan Fund:
Application Deposit Agreement with a check for $200 made out to Economic Development Corporation Michigan City (EDCMC).

Download Here

For Pulaski County Revolving Loan Fund
Application Deposit Agreement with check to Pulaski County Community Development Commission

Download Here

For more information, please contact Niccole Zell:
219.476.0504 x227 |